1. The Battery Icon on MacOS(for me it happened on MacOS Catalina), dissappears without any reason. Battery Icon
  2. The fan of the laptop is running without any considerable process hogging the CPU cycles.
  3. Even after you check the tick mark on System Preferences, it unchecks itself immediately and then battery icon dissappears after showing itself for a brief moment. Battery Option

One of the thing which worked for me:

  • Apple official page defines SMC as System Management Controller which is mostly responsible for battery management, thermal management, keyboard backlight, etc
  • This is what I tried as first defence against the symptoms presented above:
  • Resetting the SMC which is pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + OPTION + COMMAND + POWER Button restarts the laptop.

Keyboard Image


  • After this Power Mag charger started lighting up indicating that it was charging the battery.
  • Second the battery icon started appearing.
  • CPU fan started calming down.